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Hay there, I'm Cindy. Welcome to my "Country Talk" Dictionary. Lloyd (over there) seems to think that I need to explain some of my "country" terms, so that you can understand my Digital Photography Tips/Tricks articles in the Tutorials.  So, what the goes...I know he's just Biting at the Bit for me to explain my...Country Talk.
Lloyd?  Well, if you don't know what Boot Scootin' means, you better look it up in my Country Talk Dictionary...ok?  And Lloyd?  Yes, I do stop movin', once in a while...  Cindy?  What does Boot Scootin' mean again???  Oh...and Cindy?  Do you ever stop movin'?  Ever?

Winter Barn Scene...and the place where "country talk" is sometimes heard...Ahhh...The Country...nothing like it...

"Lloyd? might help..."
"Country Talk" Dictionary


A Horse of a Different Color
Well now, that's a whole nother story or...
...see Different Skinny below

Big Honkin'
Really really big...
(words MUST be used together)

Biting at The Bit
Anxious as all heck.

Boot Scootin'
Dancing up a storm...
...with your boots on...
...of course!!!

Bull Roar

A large dumpling used in chicken soup.

Different Skinny
A whole different situation. Can sometimes be replace
with "a horse of a different color (See above)
(words MUST be used together)

Country term meaning
take the tractor
out of gear or separate yourself from...

Ecstasy Meter
Country term meaning a device to measure
just how good it feels to be leanin' on the shovel

Get Off The Hog
Country term meaning
get off your butt
and get going.

Hay there
Country term meaning hello or
there's hay over yonder

Heck No
Of course not; are you crazy?

Laid Back
Country term meaning
on the shovel while cogitating.

Leanin' on The Shovel
Taking a bit of time for yourself
during work hours

Plumb Tuckered Out
I'm wore out from...

Exercise done in a cow yard.

A mallet like device with a rubber head,
used primarily for stomping pickles into jars?

Shit Kickers
Must be worn when stomping
(see above.)

Scattered or sprayed all over the place.

Country term meaning over there

You Betcha
Ya darn right

Country term meaning
the two of
you or all of you.


Cindy's "Country Talk" Dictionary



Midi:  Boot Scootin' Boogie 2 (3:21)
Brooks & Dunn



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