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Scanner, Digital Camera & Digital Photography Resource Page
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Digital Cameras


HP DeskJet F4100 Series All-In-One Scanner, Printer, Copier

HP DeskJet F4100 Series All-In-One Scanner, Printer, Copier

AGFA Smile Camera .3 Mp        
Agfa Smile 0.3Mp

Oympus C2020 Zoom 2.0 Mp
Olympus C2020 2.0 Mp, 2..5x Optical Zoom  
Olympus C2100 UZ 10x Telephoto 2.1 Mp
Olympus C2100 UZ 2.1 Mp, 10x Optical Zoom
FijiFilm Finepix S100fs 14x Telephoto 11.1Mp
 Fujifilm FinePix S100fs 11.1Mp, 14.3x Optical Zoom (28mm - 400mm)
400mm/28mm = 14.3x Optical Zoom

Scanner Resources:

What is a scanner? (on

How does it work?

How do I install a scanner?

How do I use a scanner?
  ScanSoft's Scanner Guide
  (ScanSoft is the maker of Omni-Page Pro)

  HP Scanners boost your productivity (Quick Lesson) Also, HP's Learning
  Center - Free, online classes, available 24/7:
  Must register and log in.

Where can I learn about buying a scanner?
  C-NET Scanner Reviews - C-NET, Hardware,
  Scanners, Reviews - Comparative & Latest

Where can I learn about buying a scanner like
 mine and read the reviews about my scanner?

 C-NET Scanner Reviews
- HP Scan Jet 2200C
 (on's website)

Where can I learn how to use a Scanner?
  Take this on-line short course:
  "Scanning Film & Prints" by Dennis P. Curtin
    found on

Scanning 35mm photo slides and negatives: tips, hints, and ideas from HP
  HP's Digital Photography - Organize & Archive Photos page

  A Few Scanning Tips
  "Scanner Help - Basics 101" by Wayne Fulton
   HP's Scanning Basics

   Learn "How Scanners Work"
     found on How Stuff Works

What is the difference between:
  SCSI - (Small Computer System Interface)
  USB - (Uniform Serial Bus)
  and Fire Wire

What is TWAIN? (on HP's website

Hands on - working with scanners
Students scan in pictures etc.

Is there a scanner that scans photos and film negatives?
  The CanoScan 9900F Color Image Scanner
  HP's Scan both prints and negatives using a high-resolution scanner
Scan 35mm photo slides and negatives - Use an HP Scanjet scanner to
  convert photo slides and negatives into digital image files


Related Digital Stuff:

  Digital Projectors:

    Projector Central
    (all about Digital Projectors...and more)

  Stuff you should know about Digital Projectors:


Digital Camera/Photography Resources:

What is a digital camera? (on

How does it work?
How do I install a digital camera? (the old way)
Serial Cable Installation
Troubleshooting Software Installation/PC on serial ports
from The Imaging Resource

Storage Media Cards:
   1. CompactFlash® Type I
   2. CompactFlash® Type II
   3. SD™ Card
   4. miniSD™
   5. MultiMediaCard™
   6. RS-MMC™
   7. Memory Stick™
   8. Memory Stick PRO™
   9. Memory Stick Duo™
 10. Memory Stick PRO Duo™
 11. SmartMedia™
 12. xD™
 13. Hitachi Microdrive ® Digital Media
 14. Memory Stick MagicGate™*
 15. Memory Stick MagicGate Duo™**
*In non-secure mode only **Requires use of adapter supplied with media card

Microsoft Windows ® Card Readers:
    Flash Path Adapter (uses floppy disk drive) 
    USB Card Readers: (the new way)
     - SanDisk - SanDisk ImageMate® 12-in-1 Reader/Writer
     - Verbatim - Memory Cards
     - Lexar - Flash Memory Multiple Card Readers
     - Kingston - Photo/Video Memory Solutions
     - IBM MicroDrive -
     - Belkin - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 15-in-1 Media Reader & Writer

Batteries and Chargers...very important stuff!

Read all about batteries and chargers.

In his article and extensive reviews, Dave Etchells of the The Imaging Resource states the importance of batteries as follows:

"Apart from the camera itself (and a sufficiently large memory card), batteries are probably the most critical element in your entire digicam equipment kit."

Read his reviews and test results entitled:

The Great Battery Shootout!
by Dave Etchells
on The Imaging Resource Pages
Dave did extensive testing on both the latest batteries and on some battery chargers.  (Note, my batteries were not in his extensive list of batteries tested...yet)

Empire Scientific - CHG-1000 NI-MH/NI-Cd
Once inside, Click on AA/AAA on the left.
The charger that I recently purchased at Marinette
Camera Fair

Where can I read digital camera reviews and compare various cameras?

Camera Finder Pages on:
The Imaging Resource which includes:
Digital Cameras: Reviews
Digital Cameras: Image Comparisons
Digital Cameras: Hints, Tips & FAQs
Scanner Reviews & News

C-NET Digital Camera Reviews
All Cameras (includes a compare cameras  page)

Where can I get tips on How to Choose a Digital Camera?
How to Choose a Digital Camera -
a great resource recommended by Jennifer Moore (thanks Jennifer)

Where can I learn how to use a Digital Camera?
Take these on-line short courses:

"Using Your Digital Camera"
  A Short Course in Using Your
  Digital Camera
by Dennis P. Curtin

  and or...

"How do I do That?"
  Things to do With Your Digital Camera and
by Dennis P. Curtin
  Both found on

Learn How Digital Cameras Work
  found on How Stuff Works

Kodak's All About Digital

Olympus Digital School
In depth lessons for using Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus E-Volt E500 Basic Start up

Digital Imaging Help - courtesy of
Helping do-it-yourselfers since 1999
a great resource recommended by Sarah Hanson (thanks Sarah)

Where can I learn Everything About My Camera?

Steve's DigiCams - Camera Reviews - This is the best review site in our opinion

Digital Camera and Photography Views, Reviews, and News

What's The Latest & Greatest in Digital Camera Technology?

     Foveon - X3 Technology

     Four/Thirds - The new digital SLR standard supported by Olympus, Kodak, Fuji Film, Panasonic, Sanyo, and Sigma

What's this about RAW Files and Digital Negative files?
Aren't all RAW files the same?  No! Read this:

     Adobe DNG File Info and Converter

Want to view/watch your digital pictures on your TV set?

     How to Display Digital Photos on Your TV
     From camera to TV (no computer required)

Some of Our Digital Cameras - (pictured above)

 On Steve's DigiCam Camera Reviews Website:
Our view is:  Steve's DigiCam Reviews, are the best and have been for years.
  Includes a full review, screen shots, sample pictures etc...

Fujifilm FinePix S100fs On Steve's DigiCam
Includes screenshots of all of the menus
as well as sample pictures etc.

C2020 Zoom On Steve's DigiCam
Includes screenshots of all of the menus
as well as sample pictures etc.

Sony Mavica

Other Resources

Graphics Enhancement Software:

    L-View Pro

    Adobe PhotoShop

Dictionary of Computer Terms

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
Find terms, acronyms, etc.

How can I get a handle on some troublesome
  photography terms and issues?

1. Depth of Field:

     About Photography - Depth of Field
  DU MÉTIER - About Photography

     Depth of Field And Your Digital Camera
  Photo Tidbits

     Depth of Field on Wikipedia

     Understanding Depth of Field in Photography
     Cambridge in Colour - this is the best site...

     Depth of Field Application by Klaus Schroiff
  PhotoZone Photo Technique Tutorials

Some of Our Digital Sites:

Digital Photography on

Digital Photo Gallery on

A Crane Project
Multi-Media Solutions, Web Design, &
  Digital Photography...
  Lloyd Cook & Cindy Goldsmith Owners

Photography Miscellaneous:
  American Photography - A Century of Images
  Produced by PBS

Photography Societies & Associations:

  Society For Photographic Education

Kids Stuff: 04/04/12 (links compliments of Tara Pattinson and her students... )

"Photography Pointers and Resources for Kids"


"13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography"

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